Who We Are


Kawangware Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization operating in Nairobi, Kenya with administrative offices in Portland, Oregon.  

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The Kawangware slums, home to over 130,000 people (65% of whom are under 18), is an area of high unemployment; the majority of the inhabitants survive on less than one US dollar per day.  


KW Kids believes that the first step to helping these kids lift themselves out of poverty is to provide access to education, but we also recognize that it is not the only step between these children and future employment.  


KWKids provides for the many forms of support these children need and works to help them improve their lives for long term success, starting with primary education, continuing through post-secondary education, resume and job hunting skills.  


The goal is to help each child find the best route to available employment that matches their abilities and aspirations so they can live a life outside of the slums.